Sunday, March 13, 2011


Black Men's Guess T-shirt, Vintage Shorts(80's), Guess Sandals (old)

Close up of print

I spent the vast majority of this Sunday at the Rose Bowl Flea Market:)
I knew I would be there for a long time so I wanted to wear an outfit that was comfortable and roomy,  and still look pulled together. These shorts defintely fit the bill- as they felt like I was wearing boxer shorts...
When I received these shorts as a gift from a friend several weeks ago I was really drawn to the tropical 80's print. It combines three things I love: pink, black and palm trees!
Hope you darlings had a lovely weekend!


  1. I loveeeee your outfit. Wish it was warm enough for me to wear it. Oh and I'm so jealous that you spent time at a flea market. Probably one of my favorite things to do in the summer. :) Did you buy anything?

  2. Thanks! Those shorts literally felt like I was cruising around in my sweatpants- which was amazing!
    I wandered happily around the flea market for 3 hours and only bought 2 things! A blue glass jar from the 40's(I love blue glass)and a huge bunch of peacock feathers for a vase I have:)
    I try to go every month- they hold it the 2nd Sunday of every month and it is 5 min away from my house:)