Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hi Loves! Sorry I have been so MIA-my computer had a virus! I am back and I promise never to be away this long again!
As I am always obsessed with some new beauty product- here are a few of my current favorites I have been swooning over:

Mountain Ocean Coconut Skin Trip
I decided to FINALLY try this hippie chic lotion after reading about it numerous times on
Into the Gloss/ Top Shelf posts. I had no idea what to expect and if the all natural product would be moisturizing enough for my super dry skin that only the Body Shop body butter would quench. However, I soon discovered that this lotion is PERFECT! Super moisturizing , but lightweight , with a very subtle coconut milk scent that lingers deliciously! I can't stop raving about this lotion!

Why has it taken me so long to discover this amazing scent?
One of L'rtisan Parfumeur original scents it was created in 1978 and has been a cult classic ever since.  The perfect combination of a clean, white musk and in the drydown, the slightest tinge of bright blackberry. However, the blackberry really is so subtle, that it really just adds to the allure of the musk. I say this because I normally am not a fan of any fruit based scents- AS for me they read too saccharine and junior. This is clean , yet simultaneously sexy scent that smells tres francais! L'artisan has also just released Musc and Mure body butter, lotion, solid perfume and bath gel to add to my addiction.

Oil of Olay Daily Facial Cleansing Cloths
I have had issues with my skin and blemishes my ENTIRE life! I go through stages where I am super clear, and then stages where I have horrific, deep blemishes! However, ever since I have been using these budget friendly cleansing cloths my skin has been consistently clear! I really like the fact that they are disposable (therefore, uber hygienic), very inexpensive and remove all my makeup in an easy swipe

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Being that I have been a girly- girl as I could wear a dress I naturally adore the sweeter, prettier things in life.
This includes my taste in fragrance which ranges more towards the floral and lightly sweet varieties. However, I am very particular in regards to the sweeter scents- it is crucial that they not be too saccharine. I need them to have either a warmness or freshness about them.
Below are a few things I am lusting for that define my perfect lightly sweet scent:

Voluspa Macaron Candle
When strolling through a boutique yesterday my eyes immediately darted to the word "Macaron" (french for "Macaroon"). After smelling this lightly sweet candle I was instantly transported back to Laduree Paris- because this is exactly how this candle smells.
It is lightly sweet and delicious - in other words perfection... 

Laduree Rice Powder Home Fragrance
Speaking of Laduree..I  first smelled this delicate, powdery fragrance in a small perfume shop in France. I am still kicking myself for not buying it - because it was a true love affair.
However, now the whole line is available in the US or online
  Imagine what you think the clouds of heaven may smell like and you have this room spray. 
From the atomizer, to the pink enamel bottle , to the gorgeous box it comes in- fabulous!

Creed Virgin Island Water
When I smelled this fragrance on a co-worker last week it smelled light and fresh and just slightly coconut in it's undertones. It was if one had taken a shower in the purest tropical water, and you could still smell the ocean breeze on the skin. Usually, I detest(!) tropical fragrances because they smell so loud and overly synthetic - really not what an island destination smells like. Virgin Island Water cannot be classified as a "tropical" fragrance but maybe as a super exclusive romp on a private beach in the Virgin Islands..
The perfect spring /summer fragrance!

Sunday, April 3, 2011


There is nothing I love better than to slip into a pretty dress and enjoy the sunshine!
I purchased this little white dress on sale at the end of last year  from Guess by Marciano ,and it has fast become my go to sundress for all the extra balmy weather we have been experiencing in Southern California.
What really drew me to this dress is that I thought it had a great Mod/ 60's silhouette. The floral cutouts and detail are unique and add just the right girly touch. Normally, I do not wear any accessories with this dress so that the these girly details can really take center stage.
Hope you guys had a lovely weekend!