Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Being that I have been a girly- girl as I could wear a dress I naturally adore the sweeter, prettier things in life.
This includes my taste in fragrance which ranges more towards the floral and lightly sweet varieties. However, I am very particular in regards to the sweeter scents- it is crucial that they not be too saccharine. I need them to have either a warmness or freshness about them.
Below are a few things I am lusting for that define my perfect lightly sweet scent:

Voluspa Macaron Candle
When strolling through a boutique yesterday my eyes immediately darted to the word "Macaron" (french for "Macaroon"). After smelling this lightly sweet candle I was instantly transported back to Laduree Paris- because this is exactly how this candle smells.
It is lightly sweet and delicious - in other words perfection... 

Laduree Rice Powder Home Fragrance
Speaking of Laduree..I  first smelled this delicate, powdery fragrance in a small perfume shop in France. I am still kicking myself for not buying it - because it was a true love affair.
However, now the whole line is available in the US or online
  Imagine what you think the clouds of heaven may smell like and you have this room spray. 
From the atomizer, to the pink enamel bottle , to the gorgeous box it comes in- fabulous!

Creed Virgin Island Water
When I smelled this fragrance on a co-worker last week it smelled light and fresh and just slightly coconut in it's undertones. It was if one had taken a shower in the purest tropical water, and you could still smell the ocean breeze on the skin. Usually, I detest(!) tropical fragrances because they smell so loud and overly synthetic - really not what an island destination smells like. Virgin Island Water cannot be classified as a "tropical" fragrance but maybe as a super exclusive romp on a private beach in the Virgin Islands..
The perfect spring /summer fragrance!


  1. omgomgomgomg i want the lauderee fragrance.. omg that bottle is FREAKIN' CUTE!! i swear the french do everything better hahaha.

  2. the French sure know how to do fragrances!

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  4. Lovely picks and that candle sounds heavenly, I'm a sucker for beautiful candles -there is nothing better! Happy Friday hun. xx veronika

  5. Oh, your post just reminded me I have to finally sniff some of Creed perfumes! And candles...oh I have such a weakness for them...mmmm....

  6. Oh such a pretty post! Boy do I have some recos for you! Have you tried Etro Heliotrope perfume? So gentle & softly sweet. Also, Comptoir Sud Pacifique Matin Calin is a sweet milk scent, almost identical to Jo Malones new Sweet Milk perfume. Both so wearable. I have and love Virgin Island Water too, it was the first perfume I reviewed on my blog! Diptyque Eau Duelle is also a gentle sweet scent you might enjoy...

  7. @Jane- Thanks for all the great recommendations!
    I need to smell Etro Heliotrope- just the name sounds beautiful. I love the Jo Malone Sweet Milk layered with the Earl Grey Tea scent they have- heaven on earth! I have been wanting to try Duelle forever- I have heard so much about it
    I need to buy Virgin Island Water- I literally cannot stop thinking about how perfect it would be for the warmer weather coming up:)

  8. Hi Beautiful! I totally agree about the Creed fragrance!! Great summer scent! xx

  9. You just totally sold me on that candle - I love the scent (and taste of course) of macarons - I need to check it out ASAP! Hope you had a nice weekend :)

  10. the virgin island water sounds like it smells soooo good! xx

  11. i love the design of the perfume in the third image. it looks like it would smell breezy! thx for sharing!

  12. Ok, I've never been to Laduree in Paris or had a macaron, but it is on my list of musts. Love that the smell is captured in a candle ;)


  14. oh my gosh VOLUSPA ARE MY FAVORITE!!!! My husband always says i am going to burn down the house with all my candles haha