Monday, March 12, 2012

Why am I so OBSESSED with coconut lately? I have been devouring everything from
St Ives Coconut body wash to Trader Joe's Coconut Thins (cookies). I think it is because I am so excited for summer! I It has been even warmer than usual in Los Angeles and it has me
 " Summer Dreamin' "
Also because I think coconut scents provide the perfect sweet, creamy yet earthy base for any scent I layer on top of it. It just seems to make any perfume I layer on top of it even better.
My favorite coconut "base" as of late: Coconut Skin Trip lotionTahitian Monoi Oil!
The Monoi really is amazing it even contains a dried Tahitian Gardenia at the bottom steeping!
When I was younger I was lucky enough to go French Polynesia several times with my family- and they sell the delicious Monoi everywhere there! When I was at Whole Foods I discovered they sold it there too!
* If you ever get a chance to visit Tahiti please do it a heartbeat! It is one of the most magical places on Earth!

Huahine, Tahiti ( French Polynesia)
The best of the Tahitian isles in my opinion and I have been lucky enough to visit several

The Monoi Oil(Tiare) scent and Coconut Skin Trip
This combo smells exactly like Huahine, Tahiti!