Monday, March 12, 2012

Why am I so OBSESSED with coconut lately? I have been devouring everything from
St Ives Coconut body wash to Trader Joe's Coconut Thins (cookies). I think it is because I am so excited for summer! I It has been even warmer than usual in Los Angeles and it has me
 " Summer Dreamin' "
Also because I think coconut scents provide the perfect sweet, creamy yet earthy base for any scent I layer on top of it. It just seems to make any perfume I layer on top of it even better.
My favorite coconut "base" as of late: Coconut Skin Trip lotionTahitian Monoi Oil!
The Monoi really is amazing it even contains a dried Tahitian Gardenia at the bottom steeping!
When I was younger I was lucky enough to go French Polynesia several times with my family- and they sell the delicious Monoi everywhere there! When I was at Whole Foods I discovered they sold it there too!
* If you ever get a chance to visit Tahiti please do it a heartbeat! It is one of the most magical places on Earth!

Huahine, Tahiti ( French Polynesia)
The best of the Tahitian isles in my opinion and I have been lucky enough to visit several

The Monoi Oil(Tiare) scent and Coconut Skin Trip
This combo smells exactly like Huahine, Tahiti!


  1. It is pretty amazing how some scents can just take you away to another place. I can smell the Tahitian gardenias and coconut right now.......yummy!

  2. Hey sweetie! Hope you`ll visit my blog and maybe...we can follow each other?:X