Friday, May 6, 2011

Dreaming of warm summer days full of bikinis, sunbathing, and cocktails by the pool Calypso has released their chic but super affordable line for Target!
I happened to walk in Target at the perfect time when there was still product left of some of the best pieces!
White Cotton Sleepset
I am so excited about this little sleepset! Usually, I wear some of the most unattractive things to bed- a.k.a work out clothes, old mismatched clothing.  So when I saw this sleepset I was excited to actually feel pretty and comfy in this chic little white cotton set perfect for balmy summer nights
Maxi Dress
I saw this brightly colored maxi and knew that it would be the PERFECT cover up for the pool/beach. Throw on some wedges and you are good for a casual night out!

Sequin tote
Perfect for hauling all my stuff to the beach/ pool! Trust me - I usually bring enough stuff for me to camp out there for 3 days/ solutions to any situation that may pop up

I am also OBSESSED with the original Calypso St Barths line. To say the the Spring / Summer collection is drool worthy is an understatement! See the link to the website here.
The price points are much higher , but I am thinking about purchasing a statement dress from there as my summer "go to dress".


  1. Omgosh the sequined tote is SO cute!!!

    I'm moving to a city called Wurzburg apparently it's near Frankfurt I'm nit entirely sure haha the hubs got a new job and they're sending us there!

  2. i love the maxi dress! so cute :)

  3. omg i'll wear that sleepset out!