Tuesday, June 28, 2011

There has always been a cheesy cork board above my desk area in my apartment holding ragged snippets of inspiration I have torn from magazines, old Playbills, etc.
In other words- a horrible mess! I wanted to create something that would provide a burst of daily inspiration, fuel creative thoughts and basically start my day off in a happy way!
I was at my local office supply store when I saw this cork board edged in a chic, black frame and knew this was what I was looking for- a cork board that didn't really look like a cork board per se

I gathered photos/mementos/ads that either made me feel happy, fulfilled,or inspired. Some of these things include:
1) Homer Winslow postcard of "Nuit D'Ete" ("Summer Night"- quite appropriate given the season)
2) My nephew Mason's birth announcement- so chubby and delicious!!
3) Dreamy Miss Dior Cherie ad campaign shot by Sofia Coppola
4) Old black and white photo of my beautiful mom feeding her horse and lambie
5) Picture from my trip to Cap Jean de Ferret in the South of France last year. Seriously, one of the most magical, beautiful places I have ever been!!
6) Postcard of Audrey Hepburn and Carey Grant in "Roman Holiday". Can you really get any better than Audrey and CG?
7) Picture of me feeding my Frenchie Henri Xavier a dog friendly Sprinkles cupcake
8) Silly Polaroid of me from a costume party last year
9) Pierre Herme business card from Paris- I vow to eat those macaroons in the very near future!

Finished Product


  1. I love this board! What a great idea - and I love Pierre Herme, my favorite place for macarons by far!

  2. LOVE your board. I should have this, maybe I will put one in my office! That Nuit d'Ete postcard is absolutely perfect for right now. I love your French sensibility! I usually go with my daughters every August to St Jean de Luz near Biarritz and love it so much, I hate to leave. Dreamy! xo

  3. I love the picture from "Roman Holiday"! =)