Monday, February 4, 2013

Macadamia Natural Oil Hair Faves

left to right: Macadamia Natural Oil No Tangle BrushHealing Oil Treatment
Deep Repair Masque

Working in the beauty industry I am always on the lookout for new products. However, I have yet to find an oil treatment that smells as heavenly and nourishes as well while not weighing down my fine hair as Macadamia Natural Oil. I have been consistently using  the Healing Oil Treatment for a while now.  I use it  right out of the shower on damp hair to defrizz, before blow drying or flat ironing for protection, or even on dry hair to polish off a style. Let's be honest , it smells so good I also use it just to moisturize my hands!

I just recently starting using the Deep Repair Masque due to rave reviews from all the You Tube Beauty Vloggers and now I am hooked on it too! On Saturdays, I will mince  around my house for a couple hours cleaning , reading etc. letting my hair soak in it. When I rinse it out it feels amazingly soft! It has also really helped my hair withstand the

Lastly, I received the No Tangle Brush with one of their gift packs and can't stop brushing my hair. It really massages my scalp and is so gentle you can even use it on wet hair.
It never rips my hair out the weigh I think 90% of brushes do
I highly recommend Macadamia Natural Oil products, and I much prefer them to Moroccan Oil. They smell even better and don't weigh my hair down the weigh Moroccan Oil does(even Moroccan Oil Light). I swear if you try them you will love them!

What are some of your hair faves? Have you tried Macadamia Natural Oil?


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  1. Great repair masque for when your hair really does need nourishing. Nice fragrance and texture, leaving hair much improved.
    Jamaican Black Castor Oil