Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Last weekend I made Fresh Ricotta! I never thought I would utter those words...
It was surprisingly easy and inspired by this post on Honestly Yum- which is quickly becoming my favorite site for great recipes. I cannot rave enough about how delicious this fresh ricotta is- try it  and you will become a believer!

                                                           Ricotta ready for spreading!

Fresh radishes, dill , smoked salmon and English cucumber

Crostini: We made our own with toasted asiago baguette
Blueberries w/ Orange Blossom Honey, Radishes w/ Sea Salt and Cracked Pepper,
Smoked Salmon w/ Fresh Dill,
English Cucumber w/ Sea Salt, Cracked Pepper and Fresh Dill , and
Olive Oil w/ Sea Salt and Cracked Pepper
Have any of you ever made Fresh Ricotta and experienced the heaven that it is?


  1. These look super yummy!
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    Have a wonderful weekend Hun xoxo

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