Friday, February 11, 2011


Left to right: Tom Ford Lipstick/Pink Dusk, Kevin Murphy Angel Wash & Rinse, Dr Haushka Lip Care Stick, Metier De Beaute Eye Brightening Powder and Rohto Ice Eye drops

1) Tom Ford Lipstick/Pink Dusk: Whenever I put on this super moisturizing lipstick I cannot help but feeling really luxe. Like a modern day Betty Draper without the drama...
My next color: Ginger Fawn or True Coral. A little expensive but defintely worth the splurge!

2) Kevin Murphy Angel Wash and Rinse: When my stylist was washing my hair I asked her simply: "Can I please take a taste of that shampoo"? It smells like the an orange creamsicle-  not in a sweet cloying way but in absolutely subdued delicious way. Heaven on earth for my fine, colored treated hair!

3) Dr. Haushka Lip Care Stick: I wish I could say the reason I am using this balm was because I am being "green/organic". The truth is: I love the silky non- greasy texture and the fact that it smells faintly of freshly picked herbs and orange zest. Kind of like my own private vacation to a holistic day spa...

4) Metier de Beaute Eye Brightening and Setting Powder: I asked my good friend, the genius behind The Beauty Lookbook  if she had any recommendations on how I could cover my blue(literally!) under eye circles. She introduced me to this amazing brightening powder that actually makes it look as if I got a full nights sleep! Great used alone or over concealer.

5) Rohto Ice Drops: I used to aways feel like the whites of my eyes were always a little red no matter how much sleep I got. Well until my bestie introduced to these amazing drops! They really refresh your eyes and are a MILLION times better than Visine in getting rid of any redness. 

Do you have any new basics?

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