Thursday, January 24, 2013


I have tried to fill my apartment with all of my favorite things because my home really is "my happy place". I feel that one's home can really reveal a lot about  one's personality as well as passions in life.
Here are a few pictures from around my place. You will see a strong emphasis on France, Art, and my love Henri ( my French Bulldog) oh and that fact that I am extremely sentimental!

Eiffel Tower Vase w/ my treasured Little Prince journal and Lucite holder of my favorite Art and fashion magazines

Anthroplogie Pottery. I received the right two pieces from my boo for Christmas! He knows I loves it! So pretty!

 A snippet of my bookshelf: note the eclectic combination of books( I read everything!), Laduree box and cat figurine that I got from Germany when I was 5.
Peacock feathers, and a picture I had framed from Le Monde. Oh and of course a dramatique photo of Henri!
Vintage blue candy dish! I always have candy on hand!


  1. those candies are so cute! i love the wrapping. your collection of french knick knacks are so adorable!

  2. Thanks so much! My friend brought them back for me from her recent trip to Paris.After looking at this post I feel like the francophile in me is starting to go overboard lol