Monday, January 14, 2013


Here are a few pictures from this last weekend - I feel like I had a pretty full weekend! I usually like to thoroughly CHILL during the weekend and recharge , but this weekend I felt like I was buzzing from place to place (in a good way!)
I ended the weekend seeing "Zero Dark Thirty" with my boy and my bestie and it was AMAZING! So much so I couldn't sleep last night because I was still excited and I kept thinking about it. I highly recommend it and I am so happy Jessica Chastain won the Best Actress Golden Globe for her role in it

I am not vegan, but the boyfriend suggested this Thai restaurant  for Friday night after eating there a couple of days ago. He is a burger guy - so if he liked it I was definitely up to try it! It was delicious and I felt great afterwords!

Display at my favorite bookstore for Art Books Skylight Books in Los Feliz

Kir Royale & Creme Brulee at Figaro Bistrot

On Saturday I went to Weins Vineyards in Temecula to meet a high school friend for wine tasting! My favorite was the citrus sparkling wine aptly named Amour a L'Orange

Drinks at the Dresden: like you stepped into a lounge from the 40's

Ending the weekend sunbathing indoors with Henri